TINH TRUC GIA has a blog!!!!

Dear all Tinh Truc Gia is creating a blog!!!!

We would like to share our news with you regularely:)

 Life is so rich and colorful here!

We hope you will enjoy to be in touch with our life:)

If some of you like Andreas, Alain & Jaqueline, Kim, Riccardo, Nina, Lina, Sophia, Hanna, Sharifah, Fleur, Helois, Marie Laure, Jacoba and Ngọc were volunteer in TTG and some of you - young group like Hân, Trung, Giang, Phương, Vi, Hà, Lệ, Quang, Duy, Hoa, Hiền...  whoever spends some time with us in TTG and he/she want's to share something please do contact Lisi : and Hải :  

and I will add your comments, impressions photos etc...:)

we hope it will work out! 

Hello and big hug
hello from your blogmaster Lisi :) I already have a personal blog talking a lot about TTG: I let you all write now: Mrs Trinh, Mr Tu Khanh Tho and Quang also can help you accessing the blog:) in case you want to add some news, impressions etc Any language is welcome: vietnamese, frensh, english, german:)