The Peaceful Bamboo Family, a Happiness Centre

The Peaceful Bamboo Family is to become the first international Happiness Centre in partnership with the GNH Centre in Bumthang/Bhutan.


This afternoon we had a working session with the Board of Directors of The Peaceful Bamboo Family (Tinh Truc Gian in Vietnamese or TTG) and there was an immediate consensus on applying to become a partner Happiness Centre, connected with the GNH Centre in Bhutan.


Mrs. Phan To Trinh, a member of the Board of Director plans to come in June to Bhutan during the International Spiritual Leaders meeting t formalize the agreement.


Reading the Charter of TTG, we found that there is a strong alignment of values. The only element that we will add is an explicit reference to “Happiness” as the goal of the Centre, which is implicit at this stage:


Charter of Tinh Truc Gia

Core Values

·       Fundamental respect for all human beings without any form of discrimination based on the Universal Declaration of the Human Rights

·       Confidence in the capability to transform and develop of all human beings

·       Respect and care for natural, social and spiritual environment

·       Consciousness of the interdependence of all beings in mutual sharing of support and help


·       Create a respectful environment in which everyone can unfold its best potential

·       Create a open space of listening and dialogue stimulating human encounter: intercultural exchange, honoring diversity, freedom of opinion and speech

·       Encourage lifelong learning for everyone:

o   Learning to learn

o   Learning to be

o   Learning to do

o   Learning to live together

·       Develop ecological consciousness and lifestyle

·       Create a social therapeutic community through meaningful work and lifestyle

·       Each one commits to do their best to implement in all actions, decisions and under all circumstances the values formulated in the present Charter

We will work on a common Charter for all the partner Centers, but many elements of the present Charter can serve as a basis for this document.


It's important to note that we have the first biodynamic garden in Vietnam