My time in Hue

Lisi's stay in Hue October 2012

Dear all,

i transferred some pages of my blog :,  that I wrote during my last stay in TTG (and Bhutan) on the Ttg blog...

may be some content is a bit "out of context" or not in the right order, as in my blog it is part of " my inner/outer journey" and was written like a dairy from day to day but still I think the parts about " how Ttg came about " etc are good to be on this blog,


hope you enjoy it,

much love



I am home


We arrived yesterday evening here in TTG=Tinh Truc Gia, Hue Vietnam, my second home…my third home? Now that there is Thimpu?


I cannot describe the beauty of TTG…it is breath-takingly beautiful…actually breath-giving…so beautiful, so much joy and LOVE that one can feel right away!


I won’t have so much time to write my blog from here, as this is my work and my program is quite full! I started this morning working with Quang as Khanh is unfortunately sick…


Tho and me have create EURASIA FOUNDATION and ASSOCIATION in the 90ties,


Please do look up our website:


May be if I find the time I’ll take the opportunity of writing this blog to describe how  ALL this came about,


TTG is truly a beautiful joyful and happy place in this world!


It took many years of preparation of great team work and innovative work to create TTG,


Now is it Blooming:)