Community life



Many years of my life I have lived in Communities,


Very young I realized that community life was something I was striving for,


I lived in student communities (in the sixties!) and later 12 years in a Camphill community, and now whenever I am in Vietnam I live in TTG community.

I also join "temporary communities" for retreats quite regularery

 I truly love community life,

 First of all you are not alone!

You share your meals, your everyday activities, your joys and pains with others,

You can share all these daily "banal" everyday life :“eating”, “talking”, “sleeping under the same roof””cleaning” “cooking”, all these activities that are actually making the fabric of our life.


Interdepence, Interbeing become a daily experience.


Each member with his/her strength and weaknesses nourishes and enriches everyones life.


Through sharing your daily life with others, you learn so much to rely on others. You realize that without others actually no life is livable,

But you also learn to respect and cherish others. You realize that “me” “you” are superficial concepts.

Deeply we are more the “same".


A community is like a family without the bonds of blood but the bonds of the spirit.


Community life also “doubles…triples” energy, one’s own and every ones,

Not so long time ago I met Thay. i said to him: THay you look so young and fresh! He said to me: Because of the Sangha (the community)


If a community “breathes” well, there is time to be alone, time to be together, there is silence…


Tonight the ethic evening! Youpie I am looking forward.


The theme is: present moment, wonderful moment!