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Tinh Truc Gia bio-dynamic garden

cultivating the soil, collecting the stone

figs -special fruit from Hue

Sophia - German volunteer and Co -resident at TTG

Special papaya -the best in Vietnam

Special chili from bio garden

Mrs. Nhi

MR. Hung


"No coming ,no going", it has been nice moment being with you,hai.thanks for your coming back




The bio dynamic garden of Tinh Truc Gia is becoming more green with the spirit of the whole community and great support from friends of Eurasia .

I love to enjoy the work of the group of the garden workshop.
I wonder if without eurasia, how about the future of theses youngster?
If without the contribution of everyone the peaceful bamboo family could not exit. it is true that we need each other and we are in one.
With our lot gratitude and thanking to all of you