The Vietnamese Teacher's Day

The tradition of “Respecting the teacher and treasuring the morality” has been originated for long time and preserved until now. November 20 is the special day for people to show their love and respect to the teachers. Therefore, when this day is coming, all people who used to be students think of their teachers with their sincere love and respect. Beautiful flowers and meaningful postcards have been prepared to offer the beloved teachers. Vietnamese Teacher’s Day is considered as an annual festive day of all Vietnamese people who have ever been students.

This year November 2012, the parent association of the peaceful bamboo family offered the beautiful flowers and invited all the co-workers and volunteers of Tinh Truc Gia for the lunch hold at the peaceful bamboo family with warm and respect atmosphere, beside that The peaceful bamboo family organized many activities for the youngsters and teachers such as music performance, flower arrangement competition, many folk games.

The laughter of the youngsters and their good behavior show their affection to the Tinh Truc Gia teachers.

Mrs Trinh:)

Folk games " Tug of war game"
breaking the ballon by foot game " Dap Bong Bong "
The flowers arrangement competition - Phuc explains the meaning of the flower vase " it looks like a Tinh Truc Gia boat riding all the members towards the bright future"
Beautiful flowers from parents with theis love and gratitude