Mindfullness evening sharing of the heart

In TTG every thursday evening we have an "applied ethics evening". Tho thought this sounds too academic so he introduced the new term: "mindful sharing of the heart" evening...sounds good to me


And it really is what it is about! MIndful sharing of the heart,

In order to be able to share from the heart, we try to create a mindful athmosphere during the whole evening:

We gather dressed nicely, not in our daily working clothes, but rather our nice clothes (youpie! so seldom do we have an opportunity to dress a bit special these days...). We decorate the courtyard or where ever we meet nicely with candles (candles are magic in changing an athmosphere...) with flowers, making it cosy and beautiful.

We make it a special evening.

We prepare a nice meal and we eat in SILENCE!

We decided to have this one meal a week in silence together in order to be really present to what we eat.

We decided this after one of these thursday mindful sharing of the heart evenings, after we spoke about what it means for us: being present. Our gardener Mr Hung spoke about his work in the garden, all the care and presence he and his team gave to the earth, the plants, the vegetables and when eating them he hopes we can taste it..so we decided to be really present at least once a week to the food we receive every day "like a miracle" in our plate.

During this meal we try to taste with more mindfulness than usual..is it good...sweet, sour, salty?...what do carrots really taste like? (youpie! they are sweet!!!!), we chew more carefully realizing that taste of food is so different if you chew and not swallow it down quickly! Some tastes are surprising!!!

Then we think of everyone who made this food, the gardeners, but also the sun the rain, the earth, also the cooks etc...when looking deeply into this one can allmost embrace the whole world in one spoon !

The whole week, every morning during the morning cercle we read a short text together. It can be about "listening" or "being present to what ever is there" or about "friendship"..

Then on thursday evening after the silent meal, we sit together in silence for about 10 minutes in a cercle. Hmmm isn't it nice not having to speak, entertain, but just to enjoy being together in silence. 

We can watch our friends sitting here with us in the cercle and enjoy their presence, but we can also "look inside" listen to our feelings, to our thoughts, letting them go and coming back to our breath whenever we feel we need to calm and relax,

Then we share a moment about events that took place during the week...was I happy? any news of family friends? did anything special happen that I want to share with everyone? Do I want to thank my friends, colleagues for something?(so often we do not have the "right" opportunity to say thank you to someone...here there is a perfect one!) Is there something that made me unhappy? 

After that we read the text of the week and share our thoughts, feelings experiences that this text brings about in me,

Everyone in the cercle is a fully respected member of the comunity. Everyone , being it the director, a youngster, a visitor, has the same place. No hierarchy, no position, nothing that is said leads to a discussion or debate, but simply a moment to aknowledge each other, listen to each other, share what needs to be shared, get closer to each other, share from the heart...and the heart always is true. 

For some people speaking is easy, for some people it is more difficult , but sharing from the heart we are all the same. It is also the quality of our listening that makes this sharing so alive.

What a wonderful moment!!!

I miss this special TTG weekly event, being at the moment here "alone" in Switzerland and I am looking forward to join again soon the TTG comunity during their "mindful sharing of the heart" evening


I wish you could join as well!


Lisi ...yes I think we have to sign our inputs for the TTG blog as we are different people writing

(Tho wrote already about this in french...soirée de partage...but you see it is so moving that I feel the need to share as well!)