Outing to Hoi An and Danang



IN TTG we love to go on outings! We love to work…we love to live in TTG, but it is also nice to have fun together sometimes, to discover something new, to meet new people, to get new ideas through discovering how people live and work somewhere else!


Living with disabilities or not…almost everyone loves to travel to discover something new!


But of course it is expensive to travel as a community of 40 people (or more) and we do not have so often the opportunity to do so!


Last year Gitti and Bob offered a trip to the TTG community to Phong Nha caves! IT WAS GREAT!


What lovely memories and how this helped us to get closer, to meet each other in a different setting and to discover some adventurous sides of some of us!


Peter had offered a trip for the co-workers some time ago to visit other institutions in the south of Vietnam ! What an unforgettable trip! WE learnt soooo much


This year we received a grant from GIZ ( Gesellschaft für International Zusammenarbeit-german government organization) for an outing to Hoi An and Danang.


The weather was quite ok and we could visit many things, look at the shops, get new ideas for our own workshops and handicrafts, learn about our own country and cultures and HAVE FUN together!


We did not want to miss our Thursday evening : mindful sharing of the heart, so we practiced it even in Hoi An.


As some parents joined the trip we could include them, listen to their sharings, feel their worries and joys…


Thank you everyone who makes these special moments possible!