Album photo

Sophia -Lina

being at Phong Hai beach with all co-workers, vonlunteers and Mrs. Lisi from TTG

Thank you for your kind invitation , Hai. we are very happy being with your

Jonas, our volunteer is helping in the kitchen

Tien ,beautiful girl

nice being together to prepare for lunch

Being together at lunch is my happiness moment in my life.

Mindfulness dinner at tinhbtruc gia

jam workshop

Making the cake for the mindfulness evening

Tien is making the incense

making the label for the incense product



Quan -new co-worker


On Buddha birthday

Chuc mung le phat Dan 2013

Co' birthday

Plum season for the jam


Tu and Trinh enjoyed the holiday

Here there are some photos of activities in may from peaceful bamboo family.
There have been many changes in every month. From the photos we can see all is moving well with Tinh Truc Gia community.
In the beginning May