Good news!

TTG received a grant to expand and build new vocational training workshops!


Since the opening of TTG (=Tinh Truc Gia =Peaceful Bamboo Family) our community is constantly growing.

Being the first bio-dynamic garden in Vietnam, we have transformed a very barren and « stony » land into a lush beautiful vegetable garden. We have wonderful vegetables and fruits for our community. But also more and more clients come from « outside », mainly families with young children, wanting to buy healthy and wholesome foods.

The youngsters in TTG have become more independent, they have made TTG their home and the team, even though there are always some changes, is more and more stable with a strong motivation and all being well trained.

The workshops make better and better products and they are starting a social entrepreneurship integrating the youngsters living with disabilities in the economic world.

Many more youngsters want to join life and work in TTG.

This is why we decided to expand the centre by building new vocational training workshops, a tea room with a showroom to sell our products and more sanitary facilities.

This gives us the possibility to welcome more youngsters in the already existing  buildings in the  living quarters. We will also expand the veranda and dining room so that we can all live there in more apropriate conditions.

We work on this project since quite some time. It took us some time to get the building permits. Eurasia needed a partner in this ambitious project and through Freunde der Erziehungskunst we could get a grant from the BMZ, a german government organization. It was demanding to fullfill all the requirements for this grant and we started to worry knowing that many governments are restricting their foreign aid in these troubbled financial times.

Today we received the final agreement with a 5% raise due to the delay as prices and inflation are rising in Vietnam.

It is a huge succes and the fruit of diligent and hard team work between TTG team, Lisi and the Eurasia team and our german partner : Freunde  der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiner.

The building of the new workshops will start as soon as possible. We will keep you informed during the building phase of the advancement of the construction and mostly of the date of the inauguration in October 2013.

Lisi's translation of Tho's text : Bonnes nouvelles!