Some activities of TTG in December

The weather is such wonderful in these days!  

The time goes so fast.

Today is Thursday - the day we are looking forward in the week.

The feeling of being at mindfulness dinner and sharing evening make my soul and spirit more fresh and full of energy for the next week.

 This morning I could join in the circle morning and listen the community singing the Christmas songs that bring me so much joyfulness. Today we start decoration for Christmas. Lina-our new volunteer is making cake with the group of jam workshop. 

I love TTG so much .

Day by day TTG is getting more charming and beautiful where is full of love, friendship and happiness with our wonderful residents, dedicated teachers, volunteers....from my bottom of my heart I feel very thankful and gratitude to all of you who have been with me on this wonderful way!

It is true that happiness is the way you are! The more I am at TTG the more I can feel happy.

I love you all!    

Our beautiful cat
Decoration for Christmas
Cleaning the house is one of our activities of TTG
Enjoying the festival day for the disabled on the 3rd December
Today is the firstday Lina-our new volunteer makes the cakes with the group of jam workshop. How wonderful the cakes are! thanks to all of you
Bio garden
Bio garden team