Winter 2012

 Dear Members and friends of Eurasia

We would like to wish you a Peaceful Christmas Time with your families and friends and a very Happy and Joyful New Year

We also want to THANK YOU for your wonderful support without which all the achievements of Eurasia would not be possible! 


 Eurasia Activities since 14 years and the next construction phase of the Peaceful Bamboo Family

 While working with Hue authorities on a new Agreement of Understanding for the upcoming new projects of Eurasia, we also took the time to re-visit Eurasia’s early projects and together with local authorities and partners we realized that all of the projects for children, adults and old people living with disabilities initiated and sponsored by Eurasia are developing well and are continuing to fulfill the aims of the Eurasia Foundation and Association. This is a great success and joy for all of us who have devoted our energy, time, for all the sponsors and partners. It is a reason to celebrate and to bring awareness to the achievements in the field of special education and social therapy in Hue City and to the work done by Eurasia.

 After a long preparatory phase, the construction of the new vocational training workshops in TTG (Tinh Truc Gia = Peaceful Bamboo Family), home and vocational training center for young adults living with disabilities in Hue, Vietnam, have now started. We will take the opportunity of the inauguration of the new vocational training workshops in October 2013, to celebrate the 14 years activities of Eurasia with a festival in collaboration with Hue City. We will seize this occasion to honor all the work done until now, honor the teachers, educators, directors, all the pioneers in this field, but also the parents, sponsors and the authorities and all those who have supported and helped to bring about a better life, an education, a responsible integration and a social awareness to the persons living with disabilities.

If you want to join this celebration, please contact Lisi:



 The Peaceful Bamboo Family, Tinh Truc Gia (TTG) a Happiness (GNH) Center

TTG is now part of Camphill and is also becoming a partner of Gross National Happiness (GNH) Center Bhutan. For ongoing news (and many photos) of this vibrant community please look at our blog 



 What is GNH?

  GNH measures the quality of development in a more holistic way than GDP, and believes that the beneficial progress of human society takes place when material and spiritual development occurs side by side to complement and reinforce each other. It reminds us that the ultimate goal of human life is to achieve Happiness for oneself and for all beings.



  Why is TTG a partner of the GNH Movement?

  Because we believe that people with disabilities are not only the recipient of social services, education and other forms of help and support, but that they also have a unique contribution to make to society. Due to their specific condition, they are less inclined to follow recklessly the race for money and power that blinds so many of us. They constantly remind us of the deeper reality of the human condition, of the fundamental interdependence of all life, of the central role of compassion and loving kindness, of the fact that joy and happiness can be found in little events of daily life, in friendship and in community vitality.

TTG tries to implement a life for every one based on respect for the various environments: natural, human, cultural and spiritual. A community that does not discriminate in any way and trusts that anyone has the potential to grow, transform, develop and become a happy human being.

Thanks to the young people living with disabilities in TTG, we created the first biodynamic garden in Vietnam and developed social entrepreneurship with the confidence that each one has a unique contribution to make to society.

 For all these reasons, we felt that TTG has its place in the network of the Happiness Centers that are following the path shown by Bhutan to a credible alternative towards a sustainable and holistic development towards Happiness for all beings.



  Ongoing Training

 The courses organized by Eurasia are still the only regular trainings on special education and social therapy in Hue. We discussed with the University the possibility to have our courses accredited, so that participants could gradually gain credits towards an academic diploma.

We also agreed to organize a course for the professors of the Hue University on action-research, so that they could accompany students from the department of psychology and education to research the field of special education together with the practitioners that we have trained over many years. This course should start in October 2013, and we will need help from our friends working in the academic field to develop a curriculum for this program.

Finally, the University of Hue asked us to organize a course for parents and families of children with disabilities. We have agreed to do this in Spring 2013 and Lisi will have the lead on this project. We hope that this will ultimately help parents to create a parents association that would be an important partner in developing the field of special education and social therapy.



 Biodynamic agriculture

Visiting TTG in November, I was very impressed and also overjoyed to see how the garden has developed in the past year. When we bought the land on which we created the biodynamic garden, if was a barren and arid land with very poor soil. Now just some months later, it has become fertile and lush with so many vegetable, flowers and fruits growing on it. One can really see how biodynamic can help heal and regenerate the hearth.

We want this garden to become a pilot project that can be duplicated in other places and a learning center where farmers and gardeners can come and learn biodynamic agriculture. We have to thank Marc Blachère a gardener from the Camphill Community of Copake in the US for all his great work and support to our garden team.

We would have the opportunity to buy some more farming land adjacent to our property and we are convinced that it would be wonderful if we could extend the garden so that we could both feed our community and also sell the products of the garden to generate income for TTG and also to promote healthy locally grown organic food. We need your help to raise funds to buy this plot of land




 Early Intervention and integrated kindergarten

More and more parents are looking for early intervention for their child living with disabilities and many young co-workers who have young children and would be happy to give them the opportunity to enjoy a child friendly early childhood education as we have promoted it for the disabled children. We want to promote early detection and early intervention so that we can help and support families from an early stage on. Our colleague Khanh has trained in the Geneva University Hospital to practice the Bayley Test of Infant Development and we want to establish an early intervention practice that would work hand in hand with the integrated Kindergarten.

This project is part of a larger concept of integrated kindergartens that the city of Hue wants to promote, and the kindergarten that we will build in TTG will also be a training center for kindergarten teachers that will be based on Waldorf early education and curative education.

We need your help to make this project become a reality that could have a very positive impact on the lives of many young children with or without disability in Hue.

 To the sponsors, friends, members and
to all the people who support our actions, With our gratitude, we wish you a beautiful winter!

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