Thank you



One of the aims of TTG is to give young people who have finished their school or studies, from Vietnam but also from abroad the opportunity to do some volunteer work with youngsters living with disabilities and in our bio-dynamic garden.


It is such an enriching experience for these young volunteers, but also for our youngsters to meet all these young people from all over the world to learn from them “about the world” to make friends and to bridge the gap of differences.


Since the beginning we welcomed volunteers, from Vietnam, France, Switzerland, America, Germany…Hai, Marie Laure, Charlène, Julie, Heloise, Nina, Riccardo, Kim,Heman, Mareijke,…I think I forget some...sorry (Mrs Trinh remind me who I forgot!) ,specially the Vietnamese volunteers as at one point we had almost this right Mrs Trinh? Now there are two young ladies (I know their faces but I don’t remember their names as I have not met them yet, they arrived the day I left Hue, Tho met them in November)


Of course there are also the experienced volunteers like Sara Martine, Barbara, Peter, Marc and Nadja, Jaqueline Andreas, Andres...who rather come as advisers, guides, trainers, supervisors, elder sisters and brothers  (I don’t like the word experts…but yes they are experts)


With this blog entry I would like to thank you all for your generous participation in building TTG and in making life there so special:) 

Without you life would not be as colourful rich and warm in TTG


I always tell to the TTG co-worker team that all these young volunteers give to the TTG team the opportunity to teach, to realize what they already “know” about their work, having to explain what they do and why they do it and how…the young volunteers give them the opportunity to become experienced co-workers! The volunteers teach them to become trainers!


Thank you all for your enthusiasm, your hard and serious work and fresh energy!


By the way if some of you want to write something about your experience in TTG , you are welcome! Send your text+photos to Mrs Trinh or me and we'll publish it on the TTG blog:)

For those who want to know more:   chapter volunteers