Album photo

Going to the beach

Marie fleur and khoa

New youngster Thom

bao Vy and Sophia is making the incense



Thanh Thao

jam workshop

Minh'birthday, he is so happy today.

Construction of the workshop

The basic construction has Ben nearly completed and now the workers are completing

Expanding the dining room

Ceremony 23nd of may ,lunar year

The construction has been in a good process


Phuc on mindfulness evenng

Thanking broad made by the group of lacquer painting workshop

Tinh Truc Gia in July
This month some youngsters go on holiday from the 1st of July but some of them stay with us. we still keep some activities of the workshop, some works in the incense workshop and some works in the garden. now it is not easy time for everyone of us. It is not as usual, we moved all the things from Lacquer and Incense workshop to the training room and everywhere in the house is not very clean now.
We are going on the next phase of the project: expanding the living for the youngster and the dining room.
The weather is so hot for the construction but each one of us are very happy Ito give one hand .
Today Marie fleur left us after three months being with us.
Thank you for your being with us  Marie fleur. Hope to see you soon.