Happy New Year

Sharing from the heart Mindfulness evening in TTG

Happy New Year


When I look back at 2013, I feel humbled and overjoyed by the wisdom of destiny

So many threads of destiny are coming together in a natural and yet powerful way.


So many people of good will and heart, such incredible support of friends, colleagues, partners, but also of events, good thoughts and prayers are making all the wonderful moments of TTG, Eurasia possible.


Thank you all !


Eurasia and Tinh truc Gia are entering a new phase in 2014,


The constructions of the workshop buildings, the tearoom, the Kindergarden and the renovation of the existing buildings are complete (the Kindergarden is still under construction, but will very soon be finished)


The TTG and Eurasia team is growing. New courageous young people commit themselves to a    « good and meaningful lifestyle and work », to help us integrate people living with disabilities and to form a community of pioneers in the field of special education, social therapy and organic agriculture.


The children, young people living with disablilities taken care of by Eurasia projects are growing in self esteem, in capacities, in skills on all levels, intellectual, professional, living and emotional, their parents feel encouraged and the community of support around them is growing! 


We will expand the organic garden in TTG in 2014 and we will need support and help to accompany this growing phase ! Thank you :)


We are trying our best to bring about Joy, Healing, Dignity and Integration for children, young people, old people with disabilities, but also for our co-workers and friends.


We thank you all for you kindness and support, for your good thoughts and kind prayers !


Wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR




And most of all LOVE



Lisi for the TTG and Eurasia team

With love from TTG