Every Thursday evening, we have mindfulness dinner at Peaceful Bamboo Family, eating in silent reminds teachers and youngsters that we could enjoy food very deeply at that time. Teaching all youngsters about gratitude to all conditions where the food come from, eating together as one big family. Peaceful Bamboo Family has a biodynamic garden, the products are made by youngsters and teachers, teaching them how to enjoy the food in mindfulness, in peace, … Eating in mindfulness  brings us back to the moment, where there is enough time and space. Practicing consciousness together.

   The power of peace which was created during the  mindfulness dinner is also brought to the sharing circle after that. Sitting together and sharing all stories we had during a week of working. Here, the youngsters can share everything what they are doing, feeling, whether they are happy or unhappy. The energy of the community listening gives confidence to them. It’s not easy, but together we can do in Peaceful Bamboo Family.        

   Twice, the youngsters watched the video “Discover A New World” [ChiliChop] to understand the “Power of Silence” and why we have a mindfulness dinner in Peaceful Bamboo Family. During the time, they felt so excited,  answering questions like every other student (without disability). Some questions like: Where does our food come from? Who made it for all of us? What did it taste like? … the teacher asked again and again… sugar from sugarcane , spicy from ginger tree, flour from wheat, … and trees are not growing up without sun, wind, earth, water, air, compost, gardener … the youngsters answered.

   After all, everybody enjoyed all the cakes and green tea in smiling silence. Maybe, they are disabilities, maybe they do not understand what that means at that time but I’m sure that they can eat in silent, they heard what the teacher shared, enjoy food together with happiness, it’s very simple !