We collected

   Tịnh Trúc Gia (Peaceful Bamboo Family) Biodynamic garden is developing in stable and sustainable fields. Every gardener who is working on organic agriculture is always thinking about “Saving the Seeds”. The youngsters are also the seeds of Tịnh Trúc Gia center. So, if we have good seeds then we have a great environment ! It’s the foundation of education .
   The past few weeks, the biodynamic gardening team had a really happy job, we've collected and preserved seeds together. We worked joyfully and meticulously while we were selecting small seeds. The sense of happiness was very simple when we looked at the seeds: coming from our trees we were planting these seeds again in our garden. That is the development process of trees, the coming together of many elements: earth, air, water, compost,… a new generation is secured. It’s also the foundation of education.
   During the time of work, Sharifah (German volunteer) and I kept saying: “Awesome!”(Avisoma in German accent). “Awesome job, great job, happy job, we are happy people, awesome people, we are” I said. We're saving the world by preserving seeds and healthy elements for the seeds to grow, as well as by what we were saying to each other while working with a smile.
   We are young and whether we are studying or working…whether we are an engineer, an architect, a doctor or a farmer we are also thinking about ‘living in a green environment’. Saving seeds is a big project and we need to join together. Are you thinking about that yet? We (TTG/ Eurasia) are beginning, we know it’s not easy, we have to learn more but we believe that we can do it !

Sharifah - German Volunteer
Bác Hành, gardener