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Eurasia Newsletter, Summer 2014

In gratitude

In the name of all the children, youngsters, young adults and elders living with disabilities, their families and all co workers, partners of Eurasia Foundation and Association in Vietnam and Switzerland, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart for your generous support.

With gratitude and joy, we are sharing with you all the recent events and the work of Eurasia Foundation/Association in the field of special education, social therapy and ecology in Vietnam.

There have been many important events happening since our last newsletter.



 Opening of the tea house, the new workshops, the kindergarten, the expanding of the living space at the Peaceful Bamboo Family (Tinh Truc Gia=TTG) Hue Vietnam

The opening festivities were impressive and quite grand! Representatives of the local and provincial government, television, representatives of other NGO’s, parents, friends and two representatives of Eurasia Foundation and Association from Switzerland attended these important events.

First we had a spiritual celebration and blessing by monks of a nearby monastery. On the opening day, the youngsters of TTG presented a little show. Then opening speeches were held in the presence of many guests.

In the evening we organized a concert for opening of the teahouse, with famous artists who offered their talents and music in support of our work.

The new teahouse and the new workshops are enabling us to open our activities to a larger public, to integrate our youngsters through their work into society. We hope more and more people will enjoy the teahouse. We sell our products there and some of our youngsters learn to serve customers. TTG gets no financial support from the Vietnamese government. It is your support and sponsorship that cover TTG’s running costs. We hope these new phase will help us develop more income generating activities for the Centre. If you have any suggestions, contacts, ideas that might help us in this field, please do contact us.


TTG is a pioneer and innovative Centre in Vietnam. The human being is respected in its fullness and we also respect the environment through our biodynamic garden and ecological lifestyle. The Centre is recognized by the authorities and has become a Resource Centre for social therapy and biodynamic gardening. We now need to stabilize and develop the financial stability for the Centre.


All festivities have been a great success thanks to the work of TTG Eurasia team, and thanks to your support.


Eurasia festival and other events honoring the work of Eurasia and its partners


The City of Hue and the Education Department gathered all the various special education projects created and sponsored by Eurasia since 15 years. In the presence of representatives of the government, television, all our various partners, teachers, parents and many children Eurasia was congratulated and honored for its pioneer work in special education. It was a moment of Joy! So many children, families have had their life improved through your support and help! Mrs. Trinh, Mr. Tu and our longtime partners Mr. Sau of Thuanh Tanh School and Mr. Binh of the Education Department were also honored for their work for children with disabilities on a UNICEF sponsored national event.




As we do each year, we organized a 2 days ongoing training for about 50 special teachers at TTG. This year on the theme: « Early intervention ». Dr. Russia Ha Vinh Leuchter, specialist in child development and Mr. Khanh, representative of Eurasia in Vietnam, were the main lecturers. These yearly Eurasia training courses bring new knowledge, professional exchange, and enthusiasm to the pioneer special teachers in Hue. 


Eurasia organized a 5 day workshop in TTG on the theme: « What is True Happiness », for young Vietnamese of various NGO’s working in the field of ecology, education or other field close to our aims. This workshop widened our network in Vietnam and we wish to start an organic gardening training and some educational projects in collaboration with some of our new partners.  


TTG gardener Mr. Hung and Mr. Hai co-worker of Eurasia in Vietnam have the privilege to spend one month in  Copake, a Camphill community in the USA, to continue their training in biodynamic gardening with Mr. Marc Blachère. Marc has come to TTG a few times already to train the garden team there. This time he will train them especially in medicinal herbs gardening and working in social therapy.  


In July, Mr. Khanh will continue his training in parental advise, early detection and early intervention in Switzerland. He now has three staff in his parental advise office in Saigon, who accompany the children at home or in school. There is a great demand of parents with children with developmental problems.


New Land project in TTG

We already bought the land next to the already existing biodynamic garden. We continue to do fundraising in order to develop the medicinal herb garden and educational activities there. First we need to secure the little stream bordering the new land, build a bridge from the old to the new land and build a small garden house. We hope one day to have a biodynamic training Centre on this land.



The building is almost finished. Until summer we will recruit the children, continue training the staff and finalize the playground. Mrs. Jaqueline Gruener a longtime co-worker of Camphill Perceval, St Prex, Switzerland and member of Eurasia, will spend three months in TTG to accompany this process


Beloved School in Thuy Bieu

Eurasia continues to support this school financially and with training in collaboration with a Dutch Foundation. This school is one of Eurasia’s first projects and it gets no support from government even though they welcome many children with severe disabilities. They were of course present at Eurasia festival and with your help we hope to be able to continue to develop their work.


Future projects

First of all we need to consolidate the new development phase in TTG and of all ongoing projects. Eurasia will follow up this new phase with training, supervision and evaluations. The development of income generating activities in TTG will also be a priority in the coming months.


Thuan Thanh School

We are working on a vocational training unit at Thuan Tanh School, our partner since 15 years.


International Conference for people with disabilities in Hue,

In collaboration with Hue City we are working on this project for 2015


Mind& Life

An important and innovative educational project in collaboration with Hue Province Education Department and Mind & Life Institute is in elaboration. Eurasia would be the implementing partner and would supervise this project.

               Dates to remember: General assembly of Eurasia Association, July 8th 2014, 19h, at Foundation Perceval St Prex, Switzerland.


 One more time, Thank you


 For your donations

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