Joy With Painting

A Lot Of Love !

   The Lacquer Workshop belongs to Tịnh Trúc Gia – Peaceful Bamboo Family development, products from youngsters are getting better and better. All the youngsters and a teacher have a new workshop with a beautiful space for painting and creating.

   Every painting of the youngsters is bringing a lot of fun and joy into the work. With free style, they can show to everyone what they see, what they learn to create a lacquer painting with full of art. From all the ideas of the youngsters, they will finish work by themselves, the teacher just showed the way how to complete the lacquer painting from the beginning.

   Many friends from around Vietnam and some countries, not only in Hue, are really enjoying to visit Lacquer workshop whenever they come to Tịnh Trúc Gia – Peaceful Bamboo Family. Some friends have the same passion in art. They also share to the teacher (Thầy Long) and all youngsters that : “Every painting here is so special and beautiful, all the youngsters in this workshop are painters”.

   A few months ago, the teacher and the youngsters together joined in the contest of “The Dance of Paper” which was organized by “Zó Project” from Hanoi. We are so happy that all the members of Lacquer team had won in the category team awards. It means the painting is a product of team work on which youngsters and teacher worked together and learned how to help each other, living in community with all activities.

   This is amazing opportunity for all in Lacquer workshop, opens link to share, to learn from another place, to be friends with other organizations. Because every painting is really touching everyone and opens the eyes for love and art. The recognition of people is one part which integrates all the youngsters in life.   

   Oneday, If you want to join with us, for a few days, a few weeks, a month or a few months, or just for visit … to see all the work in Tịnh Trúc Gia – Peaceful Bamboo Family, you can see what we are sharing. We are sure that what you will see here is much more than what you have imagined before, and you also can bring the happiness to all the  youngsters, and to be friends with us.