Together Again

 After summer holiday, when all youngsters came back to community, we spent time together with 2 days on the beach. 

 Swimming, playing football, playing the games on the beach with fire in the evening, everyone was so happy as one big family. 

 Living and working in Tịnh Trúc Gia - The Peaceful Bamboo Family are supporting to integrate for all youngsters. Sometime, we hang out together, has opportunity to see people who are living, working, playing, relaxing... outside our community, to help the youngsters can understand that we are so lucky with community life. We have time for everyone, we care each others. 

 Summer is so hot, but it's wonderful for going to the beach !

 We want to say thank you to all of you who are always supporting us, sharing with us even wherever you are. 

 Together we can make a beautiful world, amazing community and spreading to everywhere with love. 

 Much Love from Tịnh Trúc Gia - The Peaceful Bamboo Family / Eurasia Foundation and Association.