Thank you

Dear friends of Tinh Truc Gia and Eurasia


We want to thank you for your interest and kindness towards our pioneer work in special education, social therapy and organic, bio dynamic agriculture in Tinh Truc Gia, Hue , Vietnam

It is so heartwarming to know that people, friends "are here with us" on this very innovative and yes, courageous path...even if it is only in following our blog,

We do not do this work "for us" but "for all of us",

So thank you for your interest, for connecting us with your friends, for supporting us in so many ways!

Yes we had over 100.000 people reading our blog,

With our colleagues we said we would celebrate this 100.000th entry, as it makes us feel "less alone" and more connected.

People often say Tinh Truc Gia is a bit difficult to many tiny little roads...but actually it is easy to find! 

Lately I wrote a small contribution for an article for a Camphill newsletter. I was asked 3 questions

What is important for you in Tinh Truc Gia?

What makes you happy in Tinh Truc Gia?

What is your vision for Tinh Truc Gia?

Here are my answers:

1)what is most important to me in TTG is the quality of our relations,
Relations between co-workers, with the youngsters living with disabilities, with parents, with the authorities, the donors, the larger Eurasia community but also with nature and the local culture. To really establish confident and caring relationships is really the most important for me.

2) To see the young people living with disabilities , co-workers and youngsters alike to become more and more responsable and co-creating TTG with us Eurasia. Quite a few youngsters living with disabilities have become such great apprentice co-workers and quite a few co-workers feel more and more TTG is "their" project and home. The sharing evenings on thursday also make me very happy each time I have the priviledge to join. To see how confident, how "freely" our youngsters and young co-workers can share their thoughts and feelings is an immense joy to me! These moments let me forget all the "hard" work behind all the fundraising, project managing, working with authorities etc, but give me the feeling that we do something really important: healing and unfolding each one's potential joyfully !

3) I see TTG as a seed. This is why I am also so happy about the bio-dynamic seedbank project, in our bio-dynamic garden...A seed that is growing into a beautiful plant, bringing, fruits, shade, and new seeds for others to take up! All the vietnamese and foreign volunteers, co-workers, parents, authorities, that work with us in TTG, or even just the many visitors that pass through our tea house, take some of these seeds "home" and they will plant them again in their family, school, university, office etc etc...I see TTG as a very wonderful pilotproject influencing intelligently the way we look at people living with disabilities, or just our fellow human beings and nature at large.
Of course I hope to find more financial support in the future, as this very courageous project still needs support from a larger community "around" TTG and Eurasia! We are in the process of developping social entrepreuneurship with income generating project from our workshops, but of course this is not easy to cover 100% of the running costs of such a center, just by the work of the vocational training workshops with people living with disabilities. So please do support us in sponsoring a youngster or some bio-dynamic seeds in our seedbank!


Happy TTG in french!