Beautiful day !

Smile and Love

Happy Vietnamese Women's day !

Every year, we organize the day that everyone comes and enjoy the time together, sending flower, smile and love to all women. 

We want to say "Thank You" to the most beautiful Vietnamese women. 

In Tinh Truc Gia, all the Boys send to girls flower, prepare food, drinks, nice space ... Enjoying the time together, talking and just relaxing :D 

We also invite all TTG's Friends to come and share a beautiful moment with us. 

It's also meaning to youngsters, they are also receiving gift. They know they are special just because they are. Between Youngsters with Youngsters, Co-workers with Co-workers, Youngsters with Co-Workers, we are living together in peace like a big family ... so Our community's name is "The Peaceful Bamboo Family".

Thank you all of you, 

We know you are there and happy to see what we are doing, so we are happy.

With love,

Tinh Truc Gia