Flowers and beauty

The importance of flowers!

I was so amazed by the beauty of the pictures of womans day in Tinh Truc Gia¨

In special education and social therapy training at Perceval Foundation, St Prex , we always had a course called: "care for the detail". 

I am not sure other training courses had this topic, but we always felt this was a very important one ! it is in the small details, the cleanliness ( actually this is NOT a small detail...right?), the decorations, the "way we do things mindfully" that the athmosphere, the way we work in special education and social therapy, can change totally!

Mindfulness is also being mindful of the beauty, to enhance the beauty in and around us!

We never had to give this course to our team in Tinh Truc Gia /Eurasia...this awareness was there from the start. 

The way you dress a youngster with disabilities, the way you comb his/her hair, the way you help him/her to take care of themselves, the way you can help him/her to realize their own beauty, their own worthyness, the way you create a beautiful, wholesome surrounding ...the colors of the rooms, a flower on the table, a candle changes "everything". Our inner attitude of mindfulness creates the "space" in which the people with disabilities mirror their own beauty.

Mindfulness is not only sitting on a cussion and breathe, it is how you see, how you look, how you speak, act, listen enfolding the beauty of the moment!

A wonderful mindful moment