Christmas and New Year

Eurasia Christmas Newsletter 2014

The year 2014 has been very eventful and meaningful for Eurasia Foundation and Association. Since the opening of the phase 2 at Tinh Truc Gia = TTG = Peaceful Bamboo Family (, home and vocational training center for youngsters living with disabilities, in Hue Vietnam, at Easter 2014, we are consolidating and developing many new activities, innovative projects and great networks around the opportunities that the new constructions enable us to create.

Thank you again to all the donors and trainers that supported this phase 2. We are sincerely grateful and are doing our best to live up to these wonderful opportunities for young people living with disabilities and for the social therapists, workshop masters and all the team in TTG, in Hue Vietnam .

The New Tea House: as we had hoped, this new activity opens our network, gives us a better visibility, enables our youngsters to learn the profession of service, to meet many new people, to sell their products and have a better integration into society. Please come and visit us any time you are in Hue, or tell your friends to pass by for a good cup of tea, a fresh fruit juice…

The New Land in TTG: this spring we bought a plot of land adjacent to the already existing biodynamic vegetable garden. We have already started clearing the land and we have already built a bridge over a little stream separating the two lands. Mr. Hung, Mr. Han and Mr. Hai the gardeners and their team of youngsters are cultivating a bio dynamic medicinal herb garden and creating a seed bank on this land. They are collaborating with the education department to bring school classes of Hue primary schools to TTG to learn about organic farming and to bring ecological awareness to the new generation. It will be the youngsters with disabilities who will partly be the trainers in this program!

We are now working on the architectural plans of a garden house where the seed bank will be established and where some indoor activities can be developed. We are still fundraising for this project. Mr. Hung and Hai are also working on an organic training program in collaboration with other NGO’s in Vietnam and with the help of Copake USA where they themselves were trained last spring. Thank you Marc Blachere and Copake for your support.

Kindergarten: the building and the playground are completed. Our Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. An had a baby herself and we are preparing the admissions, the equipment, programs and all activities for her return after Christmas. Mrs. Hoa is continuing her training as head of all the Kindergarten activities and in collaboration with the education department, as a trainer for all inclusive Kindergarten teachers of Hue.

Early detection: Mr. Khanh has more and more demands for parental advise in Hue and Saigon. He is training some of the TTG staff to assist him in these activities. Together with Dr Russia Leuchter he is working on a training program for parents for next fall. An inspiring collaboration with Hue University on some of these courses is also on the way.

Beloved School: was created by Eurasia in the year 2000. It is a school for children with moderate to severe disabilities in the outskirts of Hue. The school is developing well. Just as TTG they need our full-hearted support for running costs and training.

Fundraising in Vietnam: As TTG, Beloved School all the Eurasia training activities need financial support, we are now preparing, with the help of our new partners in Saigon and Hanoi, a big fundraising event in Vietnam. A next Eurasia festival is also being prepared in Switzerland in order to be able to support and develop these innovating activities further.

We are also in the process of developing a new website and we are working steadily on widening our network in Vietnam and abroad. 


Mrs Trinh, TTG manager and senior pedagogical adviser, special teacher and social therapist received a full scholarship to join a leadership training organized by GIZ (German government development agency) GNH Centre and Presencing institute, starting in February 2015.

Mr Hai, assistant project manager of Eurasia in Vietnam, also received a scholarship for a training in Right Lively Hood at Schumacher college, starting November 2014.

Both trainings are a great opportunity to network, to learn and prepare the Vietnamese Eurasia team to become more and more independent and able to carry the Eurasia projects further.

Call to Care: In collaboration with the University of Hue, the Ministry of Education, the Department of Education of Hue Province and the Mind and Life Institute (, Eurasia is developing a Social and Emotional Learning program based on Mindfulness and Compassion. We are now piloting in several schools in Hue and if successful, this program could be scaled up to the whole country. Eurasia is responsible for the special education aspect of this project. We are looking for sponsors helping us to develop ongoing trainings for the next 3 years in order to make sure this very innovative project will receive support and ongoing trainings to make it sustainable.

Thank you to the sponsors and donors, without you this wonderful contribution to more happiness and wellbeing for people living with disabilities, their families and the whole of society, would not be possible. 

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