Love is LOVE

Beautiful memories !


  The first steps were quite, I walked kind of sneaky because I was so excited to reach the dining room, to see all the youngsters and Co-workers there, and I walked kind of slow, I had to stop a thousand times to be amazed by all the new impressions.

  The beautiful Teahouse, the new Entryarea, which I knew as a garden. I remember that I tried to catch that moment, to carry it home with me in a bottle. A bottle full of memories. Do you know those moments, when you remember the smell of a special situation? You try to smell it again but the imagination is not enough. Hué has a special smell. It doesn’t smell like Germany, and it’s smell is different from the one in Sai Gon or Ha Noi. You smell the heat in the summer and the mix of flowers, standing water, trees and motorbikes. The smell of a place is so important for the memories. I'd love to have that bottle.

  As I arrived at the office I couldn’t hold back my excited feelings, I started to walk straight, faster, I ran into the dining room. And than I got a flash. Everyone was inside, seated on the beautiful wooden dining tables in that beautiful green coloured room. My feet stopped for a moment, I think it was a moment to load up all the energy.They knew they wouldn’t like to rest for the next few weeks. The first, who came to embrace me was Van Anh. "Hellooo Co Kiiiim, how are you?" -What a beautiful day.

   As colourful as the Tinh Truc Gia is, are the moves you do and see when you stay there.

  There is dancing in the kitchen, and in the afternoons - Alain, Jaqueline and Andres constructed such a great play with the family last summer, which made everybody dance in a very beauiful way.

  There is walking fast in the morning, because everybody is doing their job, there is walking slowly in the very early morning, if Hai is  doing the silent walk with everybody.

  There are the conversational walks, if one of the teachers is listening to and talking with a youngster.

  There is running, if we play a game, or if the youngsters see their parents arriving to pick them up for the weekend.

  And there is sitting too. Sitting to rest, to talk, to load up the energy and to share it.

  All the moves we do are important, they express our personality, they help us to reach our goals, to get strong, to stay fit. But sharing is more than moving your body. Its moving your soul and connecting it to another soul. Sharing helps us to make new friends every day. To combine your moves and your soul, thats to walk in love.