My first Tết


When Leah and I came to TTG in august to do volunteering for one year, a lot of people were talking about Tết. Some were sad for us because we´ll not be able to go home for Tết, some asked us if we have holidays for Tết in Germany...

Now, some days after Tết I want to share my feelings about my first Tết with all of you!


When we were asked if we want to take holidays during Tết, Leah and I were sure that we want to stay in TTG over this time, to make the experience of the traditional celebration.

And I´m so happy to made this choice! Together with all the youngsters and co-workers here, I had a really awesome time! Before the holidays started and all youngsters went home, we had two highlights here in TTG. One was preparing and cooking the ricecakes and the other one was visiting the flowermarket all together! Thinking of these moments, closing my eyes, I can hear the sound of the cooking water in the big pots full of cakes, smell the fire in my nose and feel the happiness again. And thinking of the flowermarket reminds me of the beautiful faces of the youngsters, taking pictures of them in front of different flowers and hearing them laughing.

After the great time on the market it was time for the youngsters to go to their homes to spend Tết there. Saying good-bye for more than one week was a strange feeling, but to know they´ll have a great time with their families made me really happy! I was wondering, what I´ll do during the next week, because having no family in Vietnam for Tết feels like having Christmas alone in Germany! Unthinkable...

But looking back on my holidays now I feel deeply grateful! So many co-workers invited us to eat with their families, to join their partys, to share beautiful moments! Visiting them was like visiting my one family, everyone was so nice and friendly, sharing their happiness with us!

On the last day of the year, we were cleaning everything in TTG to get the bad things away and prepare for the new year! Never doing this before it was a real nice moment to think about what happend during the last year and my wishes for the next year!

On the fourth day of the new year, almost all co-workers met in TTG and we had a great trip together, visiting the houses of everyone, sharing food and drinks. We had a lot of free time to talk, play games or just sit around and enjoy the beautiful day! The end of this day was the end of our  Tết celebrations and I felt tired because of all the different impressions I had during the days but while falling asleep I had a big smile on my face!

Thank you all for making my Tết super super awesome!


Tôi Yêu - We Love