We committed to contribute to the Mother Earth

Climate change activities for TIINH TRUC GIA


1. Fasting: no meat and dairy products for two weeks. For the duration of the Paris Climate Summit, from November 30th to December 11th, we invite you to fast from meat and dairy products. Tịnh Trúc Gia would love to eat a vegan meal “potluck-style”. Eating in this way nourishes our energy of compassion, and we can send this energy to support the Paris negotiations. As we eat our meal, we may enjoy moments of silence to cherish the food and nourish our gratitude and appreciation for the Earth in every Thursday evening. 


2. Wear a Green Ribbon: For these two weeks, from November 30th to December 11th. Everyone in TTG and all of our friends are wearing a green ribbon in order to raise awareness, amongst those around you, of our collective practice of mindfulness and compassion in solidarity with the Earth during this time.


3. Make a Commitment: Tịnh Trúc Gia is encouraging to reflect on our lifestyle and consider making a personal commitment with concrete actions to reduce our environmental impact. Tịnh Trúc Gia is happy to welcome you to our activities. We committed to contribute to the Mother Earth.


When we meditate together and walk mindfully together, we amplify the power of our mindfulness, concentration and compassion. This strong energy of collective awareness will be felt in the world. It has the power to re-establish the Earth’s equilibrium and restore balance, since we are nothing less than Mother Earth herself. Our actions will lead to collective insight, collective awakening, and collective change.


We do not know what the outcome of the Summit will be. But we determine our future by the way we live the present moment, and the way we live our daily life. Our awareness and compassion, and our love for the Earth will extend far beyond December’s Summit.