The Healing Brush exhibition brought together artists from Tinh Truc Gia (The Peaceful Bamboo Family)—a Hue-based organization that supports the disabled by collaborating and empowering them to create as artists. Tinh Truc Gia offers art as therapy for those with mental impairment to help them integrate into the community through creative activities. 

These programs, which combine sales-oriented exhibitions and open-painting workshops, have helped create a network of investors and collectors, especially lovers of Brut Art, which encompasses some of the most raw and exclusive artworks. These outstanding paintings are unconventional, individualistic, instinctive and hyperbolic in their nature. Brut Art favors spontaneity over an intellectual approach and promotes no contact with the mainstream art world— the outsiders—direct and raw, and always emphasizing the emotion rather than the intellect. 

The Healing Brush brought these ‘outsiders’ onto the main stage, with the goal of reshaping our views on unconventional artists” 


We are a group of people with different backgrounds and professions. Some of us experienced healing when we participated in Tinh Truc Gia's Healing Brush program. All of us are inspired by the stories at Tinh Truc Gia and we want to: 

 - Continue to spead TTG's dynamic stories to the rest of the world, to bring 97% of world population – closer to the differently abled

 - Change the dominant language of society from dis-abled to differently-abled

 - Give more resources and tools for parents with children who are differently-abled

 - Help fundraise for Tinh Truc Gia through their artworks 


Orientation training for volunteers June, 14th & 17th 

All volunteers who applied to support campaign had a chance to join the Orientation training with trainers who actually are well-known experts on their field.

 - Mr. Như Huy Nguyen – Curator – shared about Brut Art & Art Therapy

 - Mr. Chuong Dang – Artist/Business man – Shared about story telling, sale skills and customer service

 - Mr. Khanh – Trainer & Teacher in special education reprensentative Tinh Truc Gia shared about stories of Artists at TTG, and how TTG applied Art Therapy


Dear volunteers,

Action is a word that dance and resonates in the hearts of volunteers who share, who give their time and their love. You have generously chosen to get involved for the exhibition The Healing Brush. What a joy to receive this help! Tinh Truc Gia is fortunate to have your support, your encouragement, your time and your good mood. Always there, even with a busy schedule, you give us your help!

For the next ten exhibition days I feel privileged to work alongside volunteers so extraordinary.
Dear volunteers THANKS a million! for your involvement! You are an inspiration and example for future generations!

Philippe Landry, curator of the exhibition The Healing Brush 


Thank You letter from Mr. Tho & Mrs. Lisi

<Founder & Director of Eurasia Foundation> 

Dearest friends

With all our hearts we want to thank you for this wonderful exhibition that you so courageously and generously organized in Saigon with your wonderful team!

It means a lot to us! We are deeply grateful and HAPPY

2 years ago, I really started to worry for TTG, I felt the support in the west is weakening a bit, many people feel VN is not so poor anymore, and I felt TTG so isolated in VN and we can do nothing "alone", we need each other, we need a strong support network here and abroad.

I deeply know TTG is IMPORTANT for people with disabilities, but not only, also for the earth (biodynamics), and in a way for the country (I say this in in all humililty) as I feel it is important to set living examples for young people to see "another way" is possible!

Tho and I are getting older, most of Eurasia Foundation members who support TTG and other Eurasia projects since 25 years are getting older and I KNOW that a network in VN is the most important guaranty for TTG to be able to flourish and fulfill its task for a long time to come! 

To know that you are there, to know that so many young people support, offer their energy, their kindness to the youngsters of TTG, to the courageous TTG team, really warms our heart! Young people who are generous, kind and full of great ideas how to connect more, communicate more, include more, and work for a more tolerant and happy world, not closing their eyes and hearts to the most vulnerable of society but taking them along, may be even being guided by them. A few years ago this was unthinkable. It really gives us hope in the young generation and in VN.

This kind of collaboration is exactly what we hope for TTG and Eurasia to develop. The past development model was very much North/South or West/East oriented, the future is much more based on mutual support and inspiration, building on the best of both worlds. Our vision of ELI is bring Mindfulness and Compassion together with professional expertise, and this event is a perfect example of this.

Yes, thank you to the TTG youngsters who create this wonderful network for us all. Without them, we would not know one another as well as the incredible shared energy and generosity. Let us be aware of this! They truly open our hearts, they connect, they bring us happiness, and give us the opportunity to be compassionate and kind. Thus, we spontaneously return this love to them right back.

So thank you again for your wisdom and compassion. Big hugs from Lisi and Tho