Kindergarten children visit our Biodynamic garden


Eurasia Learning Institute = ELI

For happiness and wellbeing 

The Peaceful Bamboo Family (Tinh Truc Gia = TTG)

The Peaceful Bamboo Family : home and vocational training center for youths and young adults living with disabilities, inspired by Camphill movement.

The center offers each resident a vocational training, enabling him or her to be integrated in professional life and to becomes as autonomous as possible. Various vocational training workshops enable the youngsters to learn a profession and create some products, and through this helping the Center financing its running cost. 


(The education program for sustainable development at TTG)

 Eurasia Learning Institute = ELI (for happiness and wellbeing) is dedicated to supporting the development of training programs in the areas of education: special education, biodynamic agriculture, ecology… with a student body ranging from kindergarten age to adult.

The goal of the solar energy project is to:

  1. Use solar energy in place of grid-connected electricity to power circulator water pumps (water transports nutrients to the soil, nourishes crops). The project is to serve as a good example of where an alternative source of clean energy can be used to improve and protect the environment, via activities in the biodynamic garden. Besides protecting Mother Earth and giving life force to the water source, the project proves significance to developing the garden as well as highlighting our educational values.
  2. Expand the scope of learning to better meet the students’ expectations of our experimental programs, and of those who are interested in ecological and agricultural issues.
  3. Provide TTG trainees with the opportunities to fully carry out their roles as instructors at workshops, thus bring more value and meaning to the work they do.
  4. Develop social skills for TTG students, help them learn how to share love and raise awareness of environmental protection, and to better understand renewable energy sources.
Elementary students participating in gardening at TTG
Eurasia Learning Institute = ELI : Community Life Experience Program

Nowadays, more and more children and adults are “losing their connection with nature”. This is a sad reality all around the world, especially for those who grow up in big cities, and Vietnam is no exception. City children spend most of their time with electronic devices, and have very little time to play in nature. The problem with losing the connection to nature is that it severs our connection with ourselves and those around us. ELI programs enable participants to spend more time with nature, as well as to meet and interact with our residential students. In addition, programs focusing on social and emotional learning, compassion cultivation training, such as Call-2-Care, are planned. One important aspect of TTG's developmental programs is the cooperation between the students with disabilities and the teachers. It greatly benefits TTG’s learning environment, with the students being the instructors for our program participants.

Who benefits from our programs

The TTG community has become a learning center for all including trainees, teachers, volunteers and our visitors. Also included are students of all age groups from kindergarten to university level, those who are interested in environmental issues, and anyone who wants to get familiar with green energy resources and their usage.

Enjoy Nature
Biodynamic course
Garden Team
ELI/TTG committed to contribute to the Mother Earth
Raising funds for "Solar Power System" project in Biodynamic garden
Nguyen Phuoc Hai - ELI Coordinator, Project Manager

Budget for Project





Cost ($)


Solar power system


Doing surveys and designs of the solar power system at TTG

5720 $


Transportation and installation

Shipping Solar Power System to the location and installing / operating


500 $



Monthly and quarterly maintenance (in the first year)


1000 $

  Total                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      7,220 $




                       "Donation / Sponsorship for Solar Energy System"


Eurasia’s account in Vietnam

Eurasia Association

Vietnamese Account

Asia Commercial Bank (ACB)

Account Name: Eurasia

Account Number: 170543979



The Peaceful Bamboo Family (Tịnh Trúc Gia)’s Account

Vietcombank - Hue city branch - Vietnam

Account Name: Trung tam Bao tro Nguoi Khuyet tat Tinh Truc Gia

Account Number: 0161 000 669020


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